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About the Artist

Laurel Herbold

is a '93 graduate of Bowling Green University where she

majored in Fine Art Painting and Graphic Design.  She is a Cleveland,

Ohio based freelance artist specializing in custom painting as well as mural

and floor design. In her early years, she worked as a graphic designer for Sun Newspapers until her career took her to stained glass and historical restoration work from 1996-2000 while still maintaining her fine art and mural freelance business.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries, public spaces and private collections throughout northeast Ohio for over 20 years, and has since expanded to

New York, Michigan, Florida and California.

She often teams up with interior designers & architects to develop site-specific

artwork and design for residential and public spaces.

She is available for individual consultation, private art lessons and collective educational projects for groups of any age.

"I think that I differ from many artist in that I strive to serve the people around me and share my skills with them by helping make their visions a reality.

I thoroughly enjoy working with my clients. Knowing that I've satisfied their needs and made a friend in the process is quite fulfilling.  I love educating, socializing and constantly networking with new people. It fills a void in a career that can otherwise be quite solitary. Naturally, I reserve a portion of my artwork for self expression and my personal fulfillment as well.

This is the work exhibited for sale in galleries and other public spaces. Although the scope of my work is constantly changing and expanding, I always strive to maintain a level of peaceful excitement that is easy to live with, but never boring."


View Laurel's Artist at Work Interview on YouTube.

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